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New Machine under construction

This is a new server running the VxWorks Exploder (as of Feb 2003). The mailing list has been migrated to Mailman. Thanks for your patience.

The Web Interface for the new VxWorks Users Group List allows the user to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change various settings such as digest mode themselves.


The VxWorks Exploder is an email list service for user discussion on topics relating to Wind River Systems VxWorks (tm) and Tornado (tm) realtime operating systems. This exploder is cross-coupled to the usenet newsgroup comp.os.vxworks.

There are two ways to do the list. The list is available via usenet newsgroup comp.os.vxworks. In addition, there is a subscription email lists that deliver email directly to recipients. This direct email system has two modes: Immediate and Digest. The daily digest mode delivers one email per day containing all articles for that day. If there is enough traffic to fill a digest, more than one per day may be sent. The immediate subscription list delivers a separate email for each list article in soft realtime.

Article Approval

This mailing list tool only allows postings from list members. Since the usenet newsgroup posters are not members of the group their articles get held up for 'approval'. This may delay their coming to the list, though as these posters are added to the 'okay address filter' this will stop.

Temporary Moderation

The list has a "Temporary Moderation" capability that puts all postings aside for approval. This mode will be used as needed, such as when there is an apparent problem with the list. I am using this as the list is started up, to reduce junk in people's mailboxes. I will shut the "Temporary Moderation" off soon. This will make delays in delivery as well.

To join or leave the list use the Subscribing and Unsubscribing web page links above.

If you really get stuck, send an email request as a last resort to the recipient list maintainer(s) at the address below.

The list maintainers were Mike Bordeau, Loren Shalz, Bill Brown, and Alan Biocca. Everybody but Alan retired. The list programs were developed and maintained by Alan Biocca. Now Mailman is used, so the old programs are also retired.

The Bug List


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